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Water Babies mini series blog: My Water Bubs Providing Confidence in Swimming

Posted on January 30 2017

The second post in our Water Babies mini blog-series is partnering with My Water Bubs to chat about their flotation swimsuits for toddlers and children. Head over to the blog to read about how these amazing suits help build up your child's confidence in swimming, as well as supports water safety!




After my first couple of posts about the importance of water safety, we’re probably all at the stage of – Okay, I get it, keep your kids safe around water (you’d be surprised how little common sense can be used sometimes!). For this water safety mini series, I wanted to start getting into the nitty gritty such as excellent water safety products for your kids, and guest blog posts from professionals, business people and individuals. There will also be an ULTIMATE SUMMER WATER SAFETY GIVEAWAY at the end of the Water Babies blog series, plus there’ll be some special offers throughout as well (*hint hint* read through this post!).
To kick us off for the series, I chatted with the lovely Leanna behind the My Water Bubs brand. Their gorgeous flotation swimmers have provided countless children with increased confidence in the pool, as well as contributed to water safety for kids and their family. I asked Leanna to tell us about the creation of My Water Bubs, and explain how it contributes to water safety for our kids. This is her story.


Two years ago my husband and I, along with our 1.1 year old son, went to Fiji for our first family holiday. While we were there, our son (of course) wanted to ‘swim and splash’ in the pool, but it was too deep. He was only able to play on the steps or in our arms. It was a bit hard on everyone. And then – I saw it! There was another child, not much older than my son, splashing in the deep end next to his parents with his floaties on. I HAD to find out more about it, so I quickly introduced myself to the parents and asked where they got the suit from. Of course, it was an overseas model that was ONLY sold overseas. I jumped online immediately to buy one as well. After spending £45 plus postage (first-time-mum’s buyers impulse!), I realised that at almost $100 this was going to be a very expensive swimsuit for a 1 year old.
As time went on, my son grew and I had a few more first-time-mum impulse purchases to update his original float suit. He now had the most expensive 1 year old swimsuit collection! I decided that Australia needed something of this variety closer to home (and not as expensive!). So in October 2016, I launched My Water Bubs.
My Water Bubs 1
  • An all in one design – Funky and stylish swimsuit with inbuilt floaties;
  • 8 light weight floats that are easily removed as the child gains confidence in the water (there’s no need to move to the next ‘level’ as you can remove ½ or 1 floaty at a time);
  • They are chlorine and salt water resistant;
  • They are UPF50+;
  • The child can use their arms and legs in a natural movement, without relying on holding anything. They can kick freely and turn around in the pool.
We live in a building that has a gorgeous pool overlooking the city, and weather permitting we spend every day in the pool. When my first float suit arrived, my son was super excited and couldn’t wait to put it on. He would wear to it breakfast and even to childcare given half the chance!
After a few days of being in the water (swimming daily), he said to me “Let go mummy, let go!”. Reluctantly, I moved my arms and watched him swim to the edge of the pool. In the following weeks, his confidence grew more and more, and now he will freely jump in the water and swim by himself (with my supervision of course). Over time we started to remove the floats but I don’t think he even noticed because he was still excited about wearing his favourite suit.
My Water Bubs 2
We now have a 10 month old daughter, and getting into the pool is so much easier because my son puts his float suit on and he’s Mr Independent. A few months ago, we had a number of his friends come over for a swim, and a lot of the other mums commented on how confident he is in the water.
It goes without saying that children should always be supervised and should not be in the water without an adult at any time. Teaching children to swim is very important – our swim suits do not replace that! They give toddlers and parents the extra confidence to say “Let’s go!”
Here are a couple of testimonies from parents who have used (and LOVED) the My Water Bubs range:
Not only do they look fabulous, but gives the little ones the confidence needed in the pool.” Stella 
My Water Bubs 3
“Little 20 month old munchkin is loving her float swimmers from My Water Bubs. She has taken off the last few weeks and refuses to be held in the water now. She has to keep up with Miss 4! Swimming solo, jumping in, diving (kinda!) and sliding in. Best summer investment and makes swimming together so much fun as the fear element is removed by the floats.” – Jenny
So there you have it – the My Water Bubs float suits! If you want MORE proof, check out the video HERE)! What an amazing product to keep your bub safe in the water and build up their confidence as well!
Leanna has generously offered to support the Water Babies blog series by offering readers 15% OFF of My Water Bubs Products. Simple enter the code WaterBabies during checkout to receive your discount. Ensure your child is safe and confident in the pool this summer! Visit the My Water Bubs store HERE, their Facebook HERE or their Instagram HERE.



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